Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Boys | San Diego Children's Photographer

May 10th.
It's a very important day.
It's the day that I was given two magnificent guys to live my life with.

8 years ago I married the most wonderful husband in the world.
He loves the Lord with all of his heart,
he is a hardworker,
takes care of his family,
makes me laugh ALL the time,
verbally expresses how much he loves the food I cook for him--no matter what it is,
helps me clean the house (especially the kitchen) when things get a little crazy,
welcomes the kids into his arms the second he opens the front door in the evenings--no matter what kind of day he's had,
he is extremely intelligent--brilliant actually! :)
very funny and clever,
gets embarrassed when I write things about him (like this...),
he is kind,
he is my best friend.
I love him.
Happy Anniversary Aaron!

The second little love of my life is my son, Asher.
He blessed our lives exactly ONE year ago!
Again, I know I always say it...but really? Where has the time gone?!?!

This little guy is...well, he's exactly what our little family still needed.
He brings so much joy and happiness to us all!
The last year has been such a blessing...watching this little boy grow and change...
What a gift he truly is!

Though I haven't had the time to blog many personal events, I have been taking pictures! So, over the next few posts I'd like to show you his monthly portraits -- that I never had a chance to blog -- and to also tell you a little more about this fun guy. We have sure enjoyed getting to know him!

If you missed his newborn shoot, you can view it here. Okay, so to start this off tonight...

Month One:

Tidbit #1 - Asher never cooed. He started with low-pitched grunts and growls that you would normally hear from a 4-yr-old boy. He's 100% boy...there was never any question.

Tidbit #2 - Asher's current favorite toys are a plastic rock (the size of a golfball) that he carries around in his mouth, an old cell phone that again, he dangles from the antenna stuck in his mouth, and plastic golf clubs that he uses as bats or swords...yes, already. And he hits hard. Yes...already.

Asher, I love you so much! Happy birthday my sweet baby!

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