Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A little Miracle named Tyler...

I've had the pleasure of photographing Joe and Stacey once before...when they got engaged! So, I was so excited to find out that they were pregnant...and even more excited that they contacted me to photograph their new little addition! I have to tell you though, there was something particularly special about capturing this little guy! He decided to join his mom and dad REALLY early and had a rough start. But, as you can see...he is doing fantastic!!! Praise the Lord! He's such a beautiful little guy...

Meet the rest of the Vogel crew...

Tyler absolutely LOVES his dad! Every time Joe would look at him, he would break into the biggest smile!

This is one of my favorites from our shoot. He is so precious!

We sorta wore him out... ;) That tends to happen when I have such cute little babies to photograph! Just can't shoot enough!

After his little snooze...he was ready to go again!

Another one of my favorites...

Stacey is also an awesome photographer...and most photographer mommies know that we hardly EVER get photos with our babies...because we are always taking the photos!!!
So, I'm so happy that I had the opportunity to capture a few nice shots of Stacey lovin' her little man.

Thanks Joe and Stacey! It was so good to hang out again...and Tyler is just amazing! Such a little miracle. :) I hope you enjoy the moments I captured for you!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Peterson Family

Well, a long time ago I volunteered my services for an auction held at Grace Church San Diego for the Youth Ministries. I was soooo excited to hear that the Peterson Family had out bid the crowds because I have photographed them before...and LOVE it!
So, a couple of weeks ago we went downtown and had a little fun...

Okay... A LOT of fun!!!!

I loved this one of looks like she's praying to God about something!

Her expressions were priceless.

Kiss-y faces! Oh, except Todd.... ;)

The window shot...with the 'Happy' in the corner is definitely one of my FAVORITES!

And...another HOT favorite of mine.

Again...the expressions! I love this kid!

And...another favorite! I love their faces...and the mood of this shot.

YEAH! We had so much fun...Julia loved flying through the air!

Always on the go! Go, go...go!!!

Giggling the whole time...

Thanks Jen and Todd! It was so much fun to photograph your family...and thanks for helping a high schooler get to camp! :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Shoemaker Family

I was so excited when Maggie contacted me regarding family photos! First of all, I love family! Secondly, I love the beach! So...we hit the sand!

Beautiful family.

The tide was so high! It kept sneaking up on us...and of course I was concentrating too hard to notice when it would attack them! Oops. :) We all ended up pretty wet by the end of the evening...ha!

We had to pull out all the stops for this little thing! Bracelets, funny sounds, silly faces, pretzels, books....but in the end...I think it worked! We got some really awesome shots of her!

This is one of my favorites! All three of them look so they are really having fun!

Isn't he the cutest young man? Watch out! This kid is going to be a heartbreaker! ;) Hmmm...I might have to get his number for Abbey someday...ha ha!

I LOVE this shot of him and his parents. So sweet and real...another favorite.

Well Shoemakers, I had such a blast with you all! I hope you enjoyed the, water? ;) Good thing it wasn't too cold. Ha ha! And I hope you enjoy your photos!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bockstahler Family

On Sunday I met a family that I hadn't seen for a couple of years! I can't believe how much the girls had was so fun to capture their sweet spunky spirits again. =)
Meet the Bockstahler family.

This time, they brought their sweet cousins. It was so cute to see how much they loved each other...and what a cool bond they shared.

Grandma and Grandpa also joined in the fun. =)
I loved the commotion and laughter in this really is a true reflection of that day.

The beautiful Bochstahler family...

Let's see that close up... =) Such a happy bunch.


And another smooch!

Cutest thing ever...

And...he was outta there!!!

My absolute favorites of the kids...
The bubbles were so fun! And the kids were so cute! They were really having a blast with each other!

So, a friend of theirs makes these personalized shirts! Aren't they awesome? I will get the info for you all and post it here later.

Thanks so much Bockstahlers! It really was fun hanging out with your amazing family and playing with the kids...always a pleasure. =)