Friday, June 24, 2011

Months 10-12 w/Asher | San Diego Children's Photographer


Tidbit #12: Asher loves to climb EVERYTHING. Ladders, boxes, containers, name it.


Tidbit #13: His first word was 'ball' and then 'dada'. He still does not say 'mama'!! :( Believe me...we work on it EVERY day!


Tidbit #14: The only time Asher sits still is when he is strapped into his high chair. He can tolerate being held while you walk around doing things around the house, but as soon as you sit with him, or try to rock, he is outta there! Always on the go!

Tidbit #15: Someday, he will know and love Jesus. I know this hasn't happened yet...but this kid is so covered in prayer...I know its bound to happen! :) And God, I'm sure, will do mighty things thru him. He is already such a strong, sweet, funny, determined little individual...we are so proud of him.

We love you Asher! You are such a blessing in our lives. Xoxo!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Months 7-9 with Asher | San Diego Baby Photographer


Tidbit #9:
Asher is always in the 50th percentile for weight and above the 97th percentile for height. He should be over 6 feet tall when he's all grown up!


Tidbit #10:
He has learned to use sign language to communicate a little. His favorite signs: 'milk', 'more', and 'all done'!


Tidbit #11:
Asher started taking his first steps on his own at 9 months...and we kept pushing him down. Didn't help. That kid was determined!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Months 3-6 with Asher | San Diego Baby Photographer


Tidbit #5:
Asher thinks he's hysterically funny when he sneezes.


Tidbit #6:
He will spend hours in the tub if you let him. He LOVES to splash in the water and especially likes to take baths with his big sis.


Tidbit #7:
His favorite food seems to be watermelon...and pretty much any other kind of fruit.


Tidbit #8:
He can hear the dishwasher open from a mile away and always comes running to 'help' unload it. I'm just waiting for him to break my washer door from always crawling on top of it to reach dishes.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Amy & Mike Engaged! | San Diego Wedding Photographer

Allow me to introduce, Amy & Mike! Aren't they really really ridiculously good looking?

Amy's sister, Jillian, and I went to graduate school together at SDSU. I was so excited when Amy (who lives in LA) wrote to tell me that was getting married in San Diego and that she and her fiancé were looking for a photographer. Thank you Jillian for the recommendation! Anyways, I knew that it was going to be a fun wedding within seconds of meeting them and I wanted in! Amy & Mike are a very relaxed and fun-loving couple, so I'm predicting happy tears and a packed dance floor at their celebration in August!

At first Amy & Mike just wanted to do photos at the wedding, but I told them that I really thought they would enjoy an engagement shoot as well. Engagement shoots are a great way for me to get to know a couple in front of the camera -- what kind of angles/lighting/framing they like, which goofy smile they like/don't like, how they interact with each other -- and this makes the wedding pictures even better!

Sometimes grooms are apprehensive about booking an engagement shoot because they have never been in front of a camera for a long time, or they think they'll feel awkward posing with a cheesy smile for hours, but my grooms always walk away really glad they did it. And I think it is because I don't make them pose -- I just tell the couple to have fun together and I take pictures while they play!

Mike was one of those grooms that took a little convincing, but I heard him say "That was really fun," as he walked to his car. ;) Amy & Mike's photoshoot was very spontaneous and we spent the whole time laughing, so I'm not surprised he had a good time!

Thanks Amy & Mike! I can't wait for the wedding!!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Month 2 with Asher | San Diego Newborn Photographer

Tidbit #3: Asher pulled himself up to a stand while holding Aaron's fingers during his first few weeks of life. Aaron was convinced that Asher was a 'wonder-boy' and showed any innocent bystander the trick.

Tidbit #4: During almost every one of Asher's photoshoots, Abbey wanted to make sure that there was a 'bro and sis' photo taken.

While this tidbit is not entirely about Asher, I feel that it is appropriate because Asher has undoubtedly matured into the little boy he is today due to the great influence of his big sister...

...he wouldn't have learned to hit so hard if it wasn't for her boxing lessons. ;)