Friday, June 24, 2011

Months 10-12 w/Asher | San Diego Children's Photographer


Tidbit #12: Asher loves to climb EVERYTHING. Ladders, boxes, containers, name it.


Tidbit #13: His first word was 'ball' and then 'dada'. He still does not say 'mama'!! :( Believe me...we work on it EVERY day!


Tidbit #14: The only time Asher sits still is when he is strapped into his high chair. He can tolerate being held while you walk around doing things around the house, but as soon as you sit with him, or try to rock, he is outta there! Always on the go!

Tidbit #15: Someday, he will know and love Jesus. I know this hasn't happened yet...but this kid is so covered in prayer...I know its bound to happen! :) And God, I'm sure, will do mighty things thru him. He is already such a strong, sweet, funny, determined little individual...we are so proud of him.

We love you Asher! You are such a blessing in our lives. Xoxo!


Allegra said...

So cute! These shots are really sweet.

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