Thursday, August 2, 2007

Fun with Babies!

Since the birth of my little girl, photography has taken a slight shift. I used to shoot primarily weddings and engagements.

Recently, I have been having loads of fun photographing families and kids!! I saw a few of my friends this weekend and their little ones...good thing I had my camera!!!

Are they adorable, or what?!?!

This poor little guy...looks like he's teething!

But he always seem to put on a smile....a BIG one!!!
I just loved capturing the many different faces of this little one! So cute!

Gotta love that smile!

Thanks for allowing me to photograph your beautiful babies, ladies!!

Suzy Q

This is my friend Suzy. Isn't she great!?!
We got to hang out this weekend for a friend's birthday. It was really fun!

She needed some new headshots....and I wanted to practice new lighting techniques.

It was perfect!!

Okay...I loved these!
She's so FUN!!!