Thursday, August 2, 2007

Fun with Babies!

Since the birth of my little girl, photography has taken a slight shift. I used to shoot primarily weddings and engagements.

Recently, I have been having loads of fun photographing families and kids!! I saw a few of my friends this weekend and their little ones...good thing I had my camera!!!

Are they adorable, or what?!?!

This poor little guy...looks like he's teething!

But he always seem to put on a smile....a BIG one!!!
I just loved capturing the many different faces of this little one! So cute!

Gotta love that smile!

Thanks for allowing me to photograph your beautiful babies, ladies!!


NixonsMamma said...

Ahhhh! AWESOME photos, Amber!! We must be the luckiest Moms to have such professional photographers in our group! Thanks for taking these and posting them! I'm going to send my family to your blog so they can see your skillz and my cute baby boy!

lorenzstudio said...

Sooo precious!

Kim said...

Wow!!!Amber, these are amazing!!! Great job!!! I love how you caputered each of these shots, they are absolutely priceless!!! Promise you'll take some pics of Caleb when he arrives!?!?! :) Great Job! I love all of them!!!

melissakoehlerphotography said...

Such great shots. I am so glad you are having so much fun!

lauramkelley said...

They do make you smile. Well captured, and not such an easy subject, but aren't they fun....