Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Amy & Mike Engaged! | San Diego Wedding Photographer

Allow me to introduce, Amy & Mike! Aren't they really really ridiculously good looking?

Amy's sister, Jillian, and I went to graduate school together at SDSU. I was so excited when Amy (who lives in LA) wrote to tell me that was getting married in San Diego and that she and her fiancé were looking for a photographer. Thank you Jillian for the recommendation! Anyways, I knew that it was going to be a fun wedding within seconds of meeting them and I wanted in! Amy & Mike are a very relaxed and fun-loving couple, so I'm predicting happy tears and a packed dance floor at their celebration in August!

At first Amy & Mike just wanted to do photos at the wedding, but I told them that I really thought they would enjoy an engagement shoot as well. Engagement shoots are a great way for me to get to know a couple in front of the camera -- what kind of angles/lighting/framing they like, which goofy smile they like/don't like, how they interact with each other -- and this makes the wedding pictures even better!

Sometimes grooms are apprehensive about booking an engagement shoot because they have never been in front of a camera for a long time, or they think they'll feel awkward posing with a cheesy smile for hours, but my grooms always walk away really glad they did it. And I think it is because I don't make them pose -- I just tell the couple to have fun together and I take pictures while they play!

Mike was one of those grooms that took a little convincing, but I heard him say "That was really fun," as he walked to his car. ;) Amy & Mike's photoshoot was very spontaneous and we spent the whole time laughing, so I'm not surprised he had a good time!

Thanks Amy & Mike! I can't wait for the wedding!!!