Saturday, February 12, 2011

Veronica's Family | San Diego Family Photographer

Aren't these ladies lovely? It's because we're related! Well, sort of... That's my sister-in-law, Veronica Burmeister, on the left and these are her two sisters, Corina and Jenny. Veronica and Eric (my husband Aaron's brother) have two darling children, Sadie and Hudson. Aren't they cuties?

Eric was not able to be at the photoshoot because he is currently in the army. We're so thankful for the sacrifices he makes to serve our country. This next picture of Veronica's family -- her sisters, mother, kiddos, niece, brother, and brother's long-time girlfriend (and hopefully soon-to-be fiance??) -- is incomplete without Eric, but it is still a precious shot of loved ones gathered together.

Here is Veronica's brother, Mario and his girlfriend of 10 years. Maybe these will turn into engagement pictures???

It's been difficult to get this family together since Veronica, her kiddos, and Corina, live in Hawaii. Life is so tough ;) Notice the flowers in their hair?

What a beautiful and fun-loving family! Mahalo Veronica and family!

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