Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Fall Wedding...

As many of you know, I didn't take on much business for the year 2007 because I wasn't exactly sure what motherhood would bring...
However, this fall, a friend of family needed a photographer...so my husband and I took on, only our second wedding for this year.
I have to say...we ended the year on a good note with this one!
I LOVE fall weddings...and this one was just so amazingly sweet!
We had so much fun with Korey and Joy...here are a few for starters.

Joy was absolutely stunning...

Like it didn't look like we were taking photos or anything...
Oh, well. I couldn't let this guy get in the way of the PERFECT shot!

After I got back to my computer though...it really started to grow on me!
They look like they are in their own little world...oblivious to what is going on around them.
So...that's why I didn't crop him out.

And for the 'Candid' winner of the day...loved this shot.
Just whispering and having fun together.

More to come!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Just Boys...

My husbands family has this thing..."they only have boys". (That's why Abbey is so special...the only girl!)
So, my husband's aunt decided to have some photos taken of the grandchildren for her father, who had asked for a picture of all the boys on her side.
This is what we got.

After we were done, I had to take a photo of the little guy in his reindeer suit. So cute!

After the boys...we decided to take a couple of family shots....again, for Christmas cards.

They really wanted their own CD cover...

Although....I think this version is WAAAAY better!
Ha ha!
The boys got a kick out of this version when I showed them. =)

I still think they should have used that one for their Christmas card...... =)

Later that same week...

After shooting Carly's beautiful little family...I took the rest of her family to Balboa Park to shoot yet another Christmas Card.
I have to say...the boys weren't too excited about this (Mike, the youngest, showed up and bought a hotdog within the first 5 minutes of being there!)....but they really did a great job smiling for the camera.

(We were just glad that he didn't get any ketchup on his shirt!)

Here's the Christmas Card...
Isn't Dave's sweater AWESOME? I loved it. (Good job Elise!)

A couple other nice ones that I liked...

Then it was just the 'kids'...

Who will always be KIDS!

Thanks Ness family! It was a lot of fun...you boys did fantastic! =)
In fact, the ladies said that you can't wait until NEXT YEAR!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Flash Back...

My friend Carly contacted me this winter to do a family photo of her, the hubby, Scott...and their baby, Tucker.
Of course, I said, 'of, course!'
So, when they got sick of sitting around Arizona...looking at the dirt....they came to San Diego for their photoshoot (and I guess for a Thanksgiving feast at her mom's house. wink wink!)

Shooting them brought back memories of their fabulous wedding...
So, since that was before my blogging days, AND I took some of my FAVORITE of all favorite photos then...
I figured I'd show a few from their wedding in November of 2006.....

The details of this wedding were just amazing...

But the bride was even more astonishing!

Lots of cheer in the bridal room!

Okay, so this is one of my favorites...
After she pulled up in her horse drawn carriage (I know! So amazing!)....she had everyone around her helping her down from the carriage....helping with her veil...taking video,
....so much going on...
...yet she just seemed to glow!

My favorite photo, everyone...

The ceremony was as perfect as the sky.

Afterwards....just a few shots of everyone hanging out.
The flower girl was so precious.

This cracked me up...
"Can I please just be with my WIFE?"
So desperate...
...enough to be holding a flower basket.

Spirited group!

As for the bride and groom...

On to the party!

They were (ARE!!) so happy together!

Here it is, the finale, and my second all time favorite photo...
Again, they just seem to be in another place...
in another time...
just by themselves.

AND....here is their baby!
He was so cute...but as my first 'pet' photoshoot...quite a challenge!

Playing with mommy and daddy...

Kudos to you pet photographers...its so hard to get them to look at you!
WAY harder than kids! =)

Now for their Christmas Card...

I had a lot of fun with you guys! I'm glad you came all the way back from Arizona for your Christmas pictures! Looking forward to next year!

Baby #2????

Kids just wanna have fun!

This shoot was also a BLAST!
I always look forward to photographing the Cernetic Family. They are so wonderful...and the kids are so spirited!
...AND definitely NOT camera shy!

We took a couple of nice portraits for the grandparents...

Then...it was time to play!

I just want to say...look out Tony Hawk! Coby is on his way to becoming the next skateboarding Champ! ...either that or a model.
Not sure about his skateboarding skills...but this guy can pose!

Anyone in for a game of Leap Frog???

Eliana is so adorable! She doesn't look so sure about Coby jumping over her head!

She immediately took off running after his landing....but the big brother caught her!

...just in time for a smooch.

Okay....everyone altogether now,