Thursday, January 10, 2008

Kids just wanna have fun!

This shoot was also a BLAST!
I always look forward to photographing the Cernetic Family. They are so wonderful...and the kids are so spirited!
...AND definitely NOT camera shy!

We took a couple of nice portraits for the grandparents... was time to play!

I just want to say...look out Tony Hawk! Coby is on his way to becoming the next skateboarding Champ! ...either that or a model.
Not sure about his skateboarding skills...but this guy can pose!

Anyone in for a game of Leap Frog???

Eliana is so adorable! She doesn't look so sure about Coby jumping over her head!

She immediately took off running after his landing....but the big brother caught her!

...just in time for a smooch.

Okay....everyone altogether now,


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trieowen said...

Wow these two are so big already and SO adorable too! I love 'em all :-) Congrats on ending the year with a boom and may this next year be even more prosperous beyond your wildest dreams!