Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Abbey's first haircut

I realize that it has been almost a year since my last post and that my perpetual enthusiasm to 'catch up' has proven not to be sufficient to propel me through the last few months. In other words, we have been busy!!! However, with the help of an amazing Amber Dawn Photography fan (my wonderful sister-in-law), my hopes and dreams of sharing the many images from 2009 and 2010, of fantastic people in beautiful places might actually become reality! Thanks Tammy for 'joining' the team!

So, where do you start when you are so far behind? Well, no better place than the present, right? While I fully intend to retrace my every move and reminisce every moment of the past year...I will start with what's new at the Burmeister household as of today:

Abbey is three and a half...and she just had her first haircut.

After 3-4 inches cut and some long layers...

She's ready for the next Pantene commercial!

So big...she is getting so big.


Tamara Powell said...

So cute Amber! You did a great job with Abbey's hair. She looks really happy with her new do :)

Ginette Sundin said...

Did YOU cut it? You did amazing!! Maybe you have a back up job (not like you will need one!) ;) What was the secret to getting her to do it...I am going to have to convince my fire-y 3 year old to do it one day!

amber dawn said...

Ginette, just bring her over and I'll do it! :) Maybe she'll hold better still for me!


holy smokes so so cute!!!!