Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Greg & Jen - Engaged! | San Diego Wedding Photographer

You know how the story goes...Friends, of a friend, of a husband's friend, etc...came to meet with me...and their names were Greg and Jen.

They were fantastic! They are super fun and easy going, so you can imagine my excitement when they decided to have me photograph their wedding! I couldn't wait to get my camera on them because I just KNEW their personalities were going to be so fun to capture. Well, lots of time has passed since then...we had a slight difficult time finding a moment to photograph their engagement images.

So, I'm sooooo excited to say that we FINALLY were able to make it happen!

And of course, God had a plan all along. You see, their friend was able to 'experiment' on them, as she is interested in photography. So it totally got them relaxed in front of the camera! They came to me and were ready to go! I loved it. We dove right in, had tons of fun, and captured so many awesome images!

Greg and Jen, you have waited long and patiently for these images...I hope you love them!

See what I mean about them being comfy?? This is one of the first images I captured! :) So fun!

I had a ridiculously fun time with color during their session...

Holy moly hotness! I love this next shot of Jen.

They laughed so much...I love that. It means their having fun! :) That's my goal!

Greg and Jen, I'm so excited to photograph your wedding next month! Hooray! You two are awesome!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Back up and running!

Okay, I think we are good to go with email and website...phew!

Well, I couldn't very well post again with out showing you all a couple of photos...so here are a few I took today of a little girl who is so outragiously excited to be a flower girl!

Here are her magical shoes...

And here is the princess. :) She's blowing kisses to Aunt Tammy and Uncle Aaron in this shot...so cute!

I just can't get enough of her. In fact, I really feel like going and waking her up right now just so I can snuggle her!

Alright...thanks for 'oooh'-ing and 'ahhh'-ing at my little one again. I just can't help but share what a cutie-patootie she is. I am so blessed!!!

Email/Site Complications

Hey everyone!

I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but my main website and email are having issues at this moment. It will hopefully be up and running in the next day or so, but if you try to contact me and I don't respond, don't worry! I will get back to you as soon as I can! :)

Thanks so much for your patience!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Aaron & Keri Married! | San Diego Wedding Photographer

Well, before I start....BEWARE! Long post! :) There were so many great photos from their wedding...I just couldn't choose!

Aaron and Keri are such amazing people. They are the definition of the 'do-it-yourselfer'. I can't tell you how many professions Aaron has had already in his young lifetime. He just cracks me up. Let me just tell you this...we'd call him for our gardening questions, or when we need our hardwood floors replaced, or when I need to know what roller rink I should have my next birthday party at or which fish would survive in my fresh water tank....and if I ever get a dog...I definitely would know who to hire! Mr. 'I have my own dog training company'. ;) I love it!

Well, when it came to planning their wedding...they were in true form and did everything themselves! Ah-Mazing! They really did an incredible job. You can always tell a good wedding by how much fun your guests are having...and I don't think I've seen a party go down like this in awhile! :)

They were married at the Mission Bay Hyatt. A few details from getting ready:

I love this picture of Keri's dad admiring her from a distance...

There are so many beautiful portraits of Keri!

This is one of my favorites...

Loved her bouquet! Ah...ranunculus...one of my favorite flowers! (They also used gerbers...my other favorite flower!)

I really loved the colors in this wedding. They were so bright and cheery!

And da boyz...
I love this series of Aaron.

And...another thing I love...LIGHT! Not just any light...but fun light! :) Got to use my new video light in these two shots. So fun!

Time for the ceremony where they also added some really great unique touches...

Such as the flower pups!

Aaron made the huppah and it looked so great with the water as its background...

They saw each other before the ceremony so we had plenty of time for some awesome portraits!

This next one is hanging in my office...giant canvas! I just love it! Can't wait to show you guys! :)

Look how great the Ballroom looked. Again, it was all of their handy work. They did such a great job putting everything together.

AND...one of the best things about that night...when Aaron and Keri had first met with me, he told me that he only cared about all of his guy friend being there, the open bar, and being able to break dance for the crowds. Well, he did it!!! :)

But, before he could strut his stuff...Keri first had to show him what he was up against... ha ha! :)

It truly was amazing...I'm so glad that I was able to witness it!

Congratulations you two! I'm so happy for you and can't wait for you to see your album! :)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Aaron & Tammy Engaged! | San Diego Wedding Photographer

I can't believe it. My baby brother is getting married!!! It's so strange really...I still remember when he used to steal my puzzle pieces and run behind the couch to hide...like we didn't know where he was! Little stinker! ha ha!

Well, I have to say...I can't imagine a more perfect woman for him to spend the rest of his life with! Tamara is the sister that I've never had...knew I wanted...and now know that I can't live without! She's fantastic in every way...but most of all, she loves the Lord with all her heart and takes such great care of my brother. I love that. :) He needs a lot of 'taking care of'!

So, here are some of my favorites from their engagement session. They are both super duper active, so I thought it would be fun to explore the outdoors a bit. We found some awesome new places. Aren't they so cute?!

They are always so cuddly with one another...so they were perfect in front of the camera. :)

We found this RAD tree! I loved it...

Aaron (hubby...yes, it gets confusing at times!) snagged this amazing shot! He's such a great photographer...I wish he'd come with me more often! It's going to be the cover of their engagement album...so excited about that! :)

So, one of the coolest things about Aaron and Tammy's story, is that they actually knew each other in high school. They sang in choir together and were friends...and my dad always tried to get my brother to ask her to the dances...which he never did.

Years later, they were at a high school reunion and Tammy announced that she needed a housemate. Aaron needed a house. So, it worked out perfectly for a year or so.

Then, I got a call from my brother one day..."Amber, I think I am starting to really like her."
So, I told him to move out...like any good sister would do. :)

Weeks later, they were dating...and just months later, they were engaged.

Second set of amazing trees...

She has such an amazing heart. I know that my brother is so blessed to have her...but I feel the same way too! It's always been hard to think of my brother getting married to a girl...wondering if she'd be good enough for him by my standards. Well, Tammy has surpassed those standards! :)

They are so ridiculously cute together. :)

I'm so happy for you two!

I just love you guys so much! :) Can't wait for the wedding!