Friday, June 5, 2009

Aaron & Tammy Engaged! | San Diego Wedding Photographer

I can't believe it. My baby brother is getting married!!! It's so strange really...I still remember when he used to steal my puzzle pieces and run behind the couch to we didn't know where he was! Little stinker! ha ha!

Well, I have to say...I can't imagine a more perfect woman for him to spend the rest of his life with! Tamara is the sister that I've never had...knew I wanted...and now know that I can't live without! She's fantastic in every way...but most of all, she loves the Lord with all her heart and takes such great care of my brother. I love that. :) He needs a lot of 'taking care of'!

So, here are some of my favorites from their engagement session. They are both super duper active, so I thought it would be fun to explore the outdoors a bit. We found some awesome new places. Aren't they so cute?!

They are always so cuddly with one they were perfect in front of the camera. :)

We found this RAD tree! I loved it...

Aaron (hubby...yes, it gets confusing at times!) snagged this amazing shot! He's such a great photographer...I wish he'd come with me more often! It's going to be the cover of their engagement excited about that! :)

So, one of the coolest things about Aaron and Tammy's story, is that they actually knew each other in high school. They sang in choir together and were friends...and my dad always tried to get my brother to ask her to the dances...which he never did.

Years later, they were at a high school reunion and Tammy announced that she needed a housemate. Aaron needed a house. So, it worked out perfectly for a year or so.

Then, I got a call from my brother one day..."Amber, I think I am starting to really like her."
So, I told him to move any good sister would do. :)

Weeks later, they were dating...and just months later, they were engaged.

Second set of amazing trees...

She has such an amazing heart. I know that my brother is so blessed to have her...but I feel the same way too! It's always been hard to think of my brother getting married to a girl...wondering if she'd be good enough for him by my standards. Well, Tammy has surpassed those standards! :)

They are so ridiculously cute together. :)

I'm so happy for you two!

I just love you guys so much! :) Can't wait for the wedding!


Suzy ~ lorenzstudio said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

NixonsMamma said...

I agree--- They are sooo ridiculously cute together!!! I love it! :)

I have to admit... mushy moment here, but I totally got teary-eyed reading your narration. I hope my bro marries a God-fearing woman who makes him a better man someday!!!! ahhhh!!

By the way, where did you shoot these? Such great scenery! You and your Assistant are PRO's!!


Caleb's mommy said...

These are amazing!!! Great job Amber! They are such a cute couple for sure!!! And I have to agree with Tira, I love your narration, such a sweet story!!! :)

ohana photographers said...

love love love!

Maria Snider said...

WOW! You rocked this!!! LOVE the ones with the red tie!!! What a cute couple.

oneshotbeyond said...

great variety...I happen to love the ones with the "red" clothing accents. Great work here.

Brianna said...

Gorgeous! Seriously gorgeous!

Cathy Crawley said...

Oh Honey, these are absolutely stunning! I love the story in between each photo! My faves have to be the set with the red tie in the gum trees! Just sensational Amber, really.

fola said...

Love the scenery...such a cute couple

gina said...

love this photoshoot, the colors are great!

Melissa Koehler said...

These are so beautiful and even more special because you got to capture you brother and your future sister :) You can tell you love him so much by your narration and the way you captured them on camera. So much love went into this photo shoot. Aaron and Tammy are so adorable. Many blessings to them!

Jen Rinaldi Photography said...

What a very special session! You've found the most amazing locations to shoot them! I'm jealous of the beautiful scenic locations!! Their wardrobe choices were perfect for the shoot! Well done!!