Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Greg & Jen - Engaged! | San Diego Wedding Photographer

You know how the story goes...Friends, of a friend, of a husband's friend, etc...came to meet with me...and their names were Greg and Jen.

They were fantastic! They are super fun and easy going, so you can imagine my excitement when they decided to have me photograph their wedding! I couldn't wait to get my camera on them because I just KNEW their personalities were going to be so fun to capture. Well, lots of time has passed since then...we had a slight difficult time finding a moment to photograph their engagement images.

So, I'm sooooo excited to say that we FINALLY were able to make it happen!

And of course, God had a plan all along. You see, their friend was able to 'experiment' on them, as she is interested in photography. So it totally got them relaxed in front of the camera! They came to me and were ready to go! I loved it. We dove right in, had tons of fun, and captured so many awesome images!

Greg and Jen, you have waited long and patiently for these images...I hope you love them!

See what I mean about them being comfy?? This is one of the first images I captured! :) So fun!

I had a ridiculously fun time with color during their session...

Holy moly hotness! I love this next shot of Jen.

They laughed so much...I love that. It means their having fun! :) That's my goal!

Greg and Jen, I'm so excited to photograph your wedding next month! Hooray! You two are awesome!


ghead said...

We do love them! They are amazing! Thank you Amber!

Jen Rinaldi Photography said...

Fun with color is right! These pop with extraordinary color! They look like such a great easy going couple to work with!

I LOVE THE TRAIN SHOT - now that is fantastic!

Melissa Koehler said...

What an adorable couple! These are so fun. I love the fountain shot and the last one. Great job friend!

Brianna said...

Beautiful! I love the colours so much. :)

ohana photographers said...

looove the last one amber!! love it. hey, did i say that i love it? well, love it ;)

NixonsMamma said...

The colors are amazing!
Love the action/train shot!

The Teej said...

As a friend of both Jen and Greg's I'm amazed at how wonderfully you captured them!!!

The one with Jen standing and Greg sitting is my favourite by FAR. Great work.

Cindy Lowe said...

I know Greg from Bethel Seminary! :) Wow these are great shots! :)