Friday, May 29, 2009

Little Noah - 2 weeks | San Diego Newborn Photographer

Remember beautiful prego, Brenda? Well, like I mentioned a couple posts back...she had her baby...and it was a BOY!

Isn't this little bundle of yumminess, so adorable?

He was such an amazing baby during his shoot! Mommy's little boy...

Seriously, though...don't you just want to smooch him!?!? :)

One of my favorites from our day together...

And finally, my FAVORITE! I love everything about this photo...

Brenda and Jamie, congratulations again on your precious little one! He is soooo amazingly adorable and was such a blast to photograph! I hope you enjoy these newborn images of your little guy. :) May you be blessed by his little, but mighty presence in your life and may he continually remind you of the indescribable greatness of God.

Be blessed!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Aubree Burmeister - 2 weeks | San Diego Newborn Photographer

Baby Bree...that's her name in our house. Abbey's little cousin Aubree was born in March and we just can't love her enough!

Tori and Jason moved down to SD from Santa Barbara right before Aubree was born. We are so glad! We've been having so much fun...and Abbey loves having her cousin so close.

Isn't Tori such a beautiful mommy?? She's so good at it too...the whole mommy thing. I love this next picture. It just makes me smile to see them look at each other, with Bree's hand on her mommy's cheek! So adorable.

And then Jason started to sing...

Just kidding! :) We laid her down for a stretching break...but I couldn't resist firing the shutter!

This is my husband's brother, Jason. He's such a proud daddy!

Bree just adores him...and she LOVES it when he holds her like this! So comfy...

Okay, two of my favorite shots from that day...her room is Jungle I just loved this one! We enlarged it as a panoramic canvas for above her little crib. :)

And finally...little girls and flowers. They just go together perfectly.
We just love this little girl. It's been so fun to witness the miracle that she is.

Love you Bree!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Back to New Jersey | San Diego Wedding Photographer

Not me...I'm not going back to New Jersey. I just wanted to show you some more from our trip before I forget!!!

As I mentioned before, we attended a wedding while we were guests! Imagine that. Well, as most of my fellow photogs know...its near impossible to attend a wedding without bringing your gear. So, I brought my camera and had a lot of fun...shooting for FUN! :)

Anyhow, so here are a few memories captured from our dear friend, Christie's, wedding.

Christie and her daddy. I love the looks they are exchanging right here.
It was such an emotional wedding as you'll see later on. Christie is the baby of the family and the first to marry. :)

I got to sneak upstairs for this shot. The church was absolutely beautiful.

I LOVE this shot! They had mini towels as favors for the guests to wave in the air. Cute idea! I actually had never photographed a wedding where they've done that before.

The ballroom was incredible! It was so beautifully lit and there was a water feature/fall in the corner of the room. You can kinda see it pictured behind the cake. As you can see, no detail was left out...the cake was beautiful too!

Aaron, Dad-in-law, and brother-in-law...playin' tough. ;)

We had a lot of fun playing with Abbey at the wedding. She actually was really good! I'm hoping she's just as behaved for my brother's in June! :)
Daddy and Abbey making usual.

This is a shot of the first dance that I took through a wrought iron stair railing (per Aaron's suggestion). Came out kinda cool, huh?

This is Mike, father of the bride. He gave a really sweet toast and prayer before the meal.

And, this is sister/maid of honor, Jamie. She's just wild! I just love her. Her toast was awesome...recalling funny stories of the girls when they were younger. Since I married into the family, I didn't get to grow up with this fantastic family, so it was really cool to hear a little more about their past. :)

And this is where it got rough...the father daughter dance. They started out so well, and then the tears just started rolling...

So, then Mommy Sandy felt left out and joined them on the dance floor...

And then Jamie decided she wasn't gonna be left out of this group hug and joined the party! :) It was so incredibly sweet...I don't think there was a dry eye in the building.

The handsome groom and his mommy. :)

I love this shot of Tom and Christie. Christie was actually singing the song to sweet!!!

Let the party begin!!!
Once the music started playing, Abbey was ready to dance! Aaron caught these awesome pictures of us gettin' down on the dance floor!

Aaron and his Jeanne's face here.

This is Steven. Christie's only brother. He is freakin' hilarious... He and Aaron together are trouble.

Look at that group of girls! Isn't Christie just beautiful! She had sooo much fun at her wedding. It was so cool to see her beaming the whole night.

This was one of the best parts all night! Tom pulled these AWESOME undies from Christie's dress...look at her face!!! ha ha!

Steven again and his beautiful fiance, Ashley. You'll see more of these two soon. I took engagement pictures of them while I was out there. They're getting married next year in the NJ Aquarium! So cool!

Christie and her mama Sandy having fun!

Okay, not quite Dirty Dancing...but close enough. :)

Congratulations Christie and Tom! It was such an honor to witness your love for each other and your vows of commitment. Thanks for inviting us out there to share in your special day! We love you!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

It's a Boy! | San Diego Photographer

Jamie and Brenda came to me a few weeks back to take some maternity photographs. I figured I should post them...since their son was born this past weekend!

Their session was so fun! We took the photos in this amazing Carlsbad home. It was such a beautiful home, and as you'll see later...the yard was also landscaped fantastically! Needless-to-say, we shot for hours because there were so many great places.

Brenda was stunning...

She was so easy to photograph! She just glowed! :)

Their session was particularly fun because they had chosen not to find out what they were having! Not many people have the patience to do that anymore! :)

I love this photo of the two (I mean three!) of them.

I just LOVED the lighting coming in on this shot...

And now, to the backyard!
This is one of my absolute FAVORITES from the day. Not much editing done to this image...just some amazing landscaping with fantastic lighting! Their expressions are just the cherries on top!

Some fun in the pool...
Jamie kept threatening to push Brenda in the pool. It was really cute to see them interact! They are so excited to be parents!

I really love this shot as well...

Brenda, you were absolutely stunning...and Jamie, you were such a great sport to endure such a looooong photoshoot! Not many guys could hang for that long!
Congratulations on your new baby boy! I'm so excited for you!! :)