Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ben & Dawn Engaged!

Last week Aaron and I got to photograph his 'best friend' from work and his darling fiance! We had soooo much fun! In fact, we started shooting around 5:30ish...and didn't part until midnight!
Ben is definitely one of the funniest guys I've ever met. I think we laughed almost EVERY second of that night!
Here are just a few from our shoot...I have loads of editing still to do!

See? He couldn't stop laughing! =)

This was SO cool! Climbing the Wall O'Bubbles.
Dawn actually suggested heels!!!
She's my hero.

I loved this...we were snooping around and saw this really REALLY cool entry way of a condo complex. So, we called one of the owners from the call box to see if he could beep us in...but he said 'No'! Can you believe it? We even told him it was for engagement photos!
...where's the love?

Well, we eventually made it in...had to wait for awhile...

But it was TOTALLY worth it!

More to come...


Melissa Koehler said...

Awesome shots! Love the logo too :)

trieowen said...

I love the bubble wall it's so cool! Where is that? And the retro looking ones in the lobby are VERY nice too :-) Great work!! Oh yeah, and nice new logo :-)

david & kimi baxter said...

oh the last 3 shots!!!! wowwwww!!!!! amber!!

NixonsMamma said...

Yesss! There's a new entry on here!:)

Well, since you mentioned it last night, I thought I'd give it another click! :) So glad I did.

Awesome pics! They look like a really cute couple. My favorite are the last 3 photos. :)

gabriel ryan said...

i would have to say worth every minute of waiting. beautiful photos! the light is amazing!


BoyCo. said...

Amber- those are great pictures. You're good woman ;)

PS I miss you.

Beautiful Moments Photography said...

What great locations! Beautiful photos and lovely light :)