Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lub my Family!

So, on Friday I was able to meet with Melissa M., Melissa K., Masen, David, and Lisa for lunch at Tokyo Sushi. YUM! Thanks so much Masen for setting that up for us! It was so great to chat (and laugh quite a bit) with people who love photography as much as I do! I left feeling really excited and I have to admit...a little overwhelmed (we talked quite a lot about personalizing blogs...and code...blah blah blah---went straight over my head!)
Needless-to-say, I couldn't let the sun go down without taking out my camera!

So, when I got home, I packed up the other thing that I love (even more than photography...), yup...my family, and headed out for a new adventure. I had told Aaron that I wanted to look for new and different places to shoot. We ended up at a cute little park in Santee called Mast Park. The lighting was awesome...so we took a few shots of our 11 month old.

As soon as I fired off a few shots, Aaron told me to get in the pictures! Isn't that sweet?
So, he took over and allowed me to get a few fun shots in with Abbey.

So, here I am...on my own blog. He really got some good ones of us. =)

I took over for a couple more...
Abbey didn't like crawling in the mush that much! Ha ha, you should have seen her face when we put her down in it. =)

AND....good thing I had my camera! We actually snagged this shot of her very FIRST KISS!!!
Is that the most awesome thing ever!?!?!?

Before we left, we trusted a nearby stump to take a picture of the three of us.
It captured this gem....

Yeah, I know. Pretty good for a stump. I hired it for my next wedding. =)


trieowen said...

These are SO precious! I love the one of you and Abbey pressing cheeks together...awe...Amber you have a daughter! It's crazy how fast your life changes huh?

Caleb's mommy said...

Way, way, way TOO CUTE!!!! What a fun family outing! I LOVE all the shots!!! Priceless moments captured on film!!! :)

Melissa McClure Photography said...

These are great! I do love the one that the stump took...is it available for my wedding? hahaha The lighting looks amazing on these! :)

And it was great to meet you!

Melissa Koehler said...

These are all so wonderful. I have to say that some of the ones Aaron took are so awesome I LOVE that first one of you and Abbey!
The first shot of Abbey you took is so awesome!
That stump needs to be your second shooter :)

amber dawn said...

thanks guys! Yeah, it's so fun having a little girl! So amazing! Even greater having a husband who can shoot! =) We really should make a habit out of doing this...it was so fun!

david & kimi baxter said...

can i get the phone # for that stump?! that shot is awesome!!! i love all your images they look fantastic and what a beautiful family to boot! it was awesome FINALLY meeting you hopefully we'll bump into each other again :)maybe your next BLOG POST! haha!keep up the good work amber!

NixonsMamma said...

OH MY GOSH! Great pics, Amber! :) I love the pic of you and Abbey! How fun to see you on the OTHER side of the camera! :) Pretty girls! :) What a fun adventure! xoxo.

Dawn Malone said...

Hi Amber Dawn, you have a wonderful eye! So many great pictures to comb thru. Thanks for the blog luv.