Tuesday, December 4, 2007

As for the Taylor Family...

They were fantastic!

This shoot was extra special because Alisa and I went to graduate school together. She was pregnant when we graduated...and three years later...I got to see her beautiful little girl for the first time!

Is she precious, or what?Alisa wanted some fun relaxed photos that really captured little Eleanor...I think we did it.Beautiful family! Those curls!

Okay, I couldn't have 'ordered' a better fall location than this! It's like the trees just knew we were coming!

Time for mom and dad to play dress-up too!
Is she proud of herself or what?! What a ham!Alisa, your family is beautiful...thank you for allowing me to 'play' with you guys!


Melissa Koehler said...

What an adorable family. I think you captured them perfectly. Great job lady!

nicole green said...

aww i love her curls! these are so cute! :)

david & kimi baxter said...

the smile you captured on that little doll is awesome! beautiful images amber!