Friday, September 28, 2007

Lil' Trooper!

A couple of days ago, I had the privilege of photographing little Julia, aka...Schmoo. She is about 6 and a half months old...and such a cutey! Unfortunately she had a cold...and little did we know...her first tooth was on it's way and arrived that night!!!
Can you imagine?
Taking pictures of a sick, teething baby?!?
Well, we did it.
She was such a trooper!! She did such an awesome job sitting (which she is also new at) and smiling!!

Here are a few of my favorites from our shoot...Isn't she so cute in her little bandana??

Thanks Jen and Todd, for allowing me to take pictures of your precious little girl! She was AWESOME!


melissakoehlerphotography said...

Great shots. What a cutie!

NixonsMamma said...

She's so cute! Looks just like Abbey! :) By the way, I think that's a "doo-rag" not a bandana, Amber! haha. You know the Peterson's! :)

sdohana said...

you really captured cute in these!