Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kelly & Cameron Married!

First of all, I want to thank everyone for commenting my blog! Holy cow...I mean, really. People call it 'blog love', but really! You really do feel loved when someone leaves a comment! ha ha! Well, you'd be happy to know that your comments have encouraged me to blog again...and have convinced me that I really need to get caught up!
I've been shooting sooo much lately, and have so many shoots over the last year that never got forgive me for holding out on you...but have no fear...I am determined to catch up! :)

I know I told you I have some awesome New Jersey stuff to show you...and I do! But, I want to start out with Kelly and Cameron!

These guys are the best! They got married at the El Cortez...which was an amazing location! It was sort of dreary outside that day...we even got a few sprinkles...but I think we got some awesome shots. Check 'em out!

This was their view out the hotel room...beautiful!

Cameron all ready!

We had a lot of fun with the boys...

Isn't Kelly's dress amazing? So, I've known Kelly since Grad School, and I remember 'drawing' our wedding dresses on our notes during class...let me tell you...this dress was NOTHING like those drawings! ha ha! It was soooo much more beautiful then I think either of us could have imagined back then. ;)

No attack meant on your awesome drawing skillz, Kel!

The AMAZING Don Room...

AND, they rented the San Diego Trolley!
Seriously, could they be more fun!?!?
We had lots of fun taking pictures with this amazing transportation vehicle. :) It also was extremely efficient in carting all of us over to the Marston House to take photos in between the ceremony and the reception. Plus, the driver was hilarious! He was non-stop jokes all the way there...and all the way back. :) Gotta love the comedy...

They were having so much fun the entire time! I love this picture of them just playing together...

One of my favorites from the day...

Another FAVORITE! I have this puppy as a 28x24 Canvas in my new studio...Oooooh...did I say NEW STUDIO!?!? (That'll have to be another post! SO MANY exciting things happening at Amber Dawn Photography these days...)

There were so many more awesome photos taken that, check out their slideshow!

Thanks again for the 'blog love' everyone! It was very encouraging to hear from you all! :)

Kelly and guys ROCK!! I'm so happy for you! Love to you both!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Back from New Jersey! | San Diego Photographer

Though I forgot to tell you I was gone...oops...I'm back! Aaron, Abbey and I, along with some of our family members, flew to New Jersey for awhile to visit Aaron's family/friends and hometown. It was my first time back there and despite my awful cold, we had a really great time!
Here Abbey is hanging out on the back porch of the house we stayed in...she was such a good girl on the trip! I couldn't believe it. I mean, really...we were prepared for the worst! She was an angel on the plane (miracle!) and while we there...despite the lack of sleep and crazy schedules...she was AWESOME!

Okay, so part of our trip was to visit the places where my husband and mother in law had grown up. Here is the house that Aaron's Poppop built. His mom, Jeanne, lived here...and I think Aaron did for awhile as well. (That's Aaron's little brother, Nate.)

This is the church that Aaron attended when he was really little. Apparently, when he was about three, he rode his tricycle off the front steps without even blinking. When his mom saw the crazy event, she frantically 'saved' him and asked what he was thinking! He answered, "I knew that God would take care of me."
So cute!

At the Burmeister family reunion! Crackin' each other up...Abbey's Uncle Nate and cousins Noah (left) and Gavin (right).

Here's Abbey reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in the backyard... ;)

This is the coolest thing ever! Aaron's grandfather, Henry Burmeister, served in World War II. While he was in Europe, battling, he carried this copper plated Bible in his shirt pocket. One day an enemy shell exploded and shrapnel went through his arm, into the bible cover, through the pages and was stopped short of his heart by the copper plate!!! Is that CRAZY or what?!?! Talk about being protected by the Lord! That story being told again 'choked' up everyone in that room...most of them wouldn't have been there if it weren't for that little bible.
If you look closely, the Bible says, "May this keep you safe from harm".
Gives me the chills...MIRACLE.
Praise God.

Here's the house that Aaron has most of his memories in. This was his Mommom's house and he and his family lived there with her for about 5 years. We crept up so that we could get some photos...and all of a sudden, the neighbor came out of his house and said, "Aaron?" So funny! The man was a boy that Aaron used to play with as a kid! He still lived there and recognized Aaron 21 years later. It was really cool.

Here is the school that Aaron attended (that's him in front). He was very proud to show me where he played dodgeball. :)

This bridge shot was taken from the window of a moving car...but it was neat to capture because it was the bridge that Aaron's real dad, David, used to sit under and have his lunch. He worked at a factory close by. He has since it was really neat to visit some places that he had been.

And here's our little squeakers again. Having fun outside like always. It was pretty cold out there, so it was fun to bundle her up for once. :)

We really had such a wonderful time. We attended a wedding out there and I did an engagement shoot as more to come on those events!
Thanks for sharing a little family history with me!