Friday, August 7, 2009

Greg & Jen are Married! | San Diego Wedding Photographer

Though it was blazing hot that day...
...Greg and Jen were hotter.

What an amazing couple! If you couldn't tell from their engagement session...they are super easy going and ridiculously fun to hang out with. They were married up at the Leo Carrillo Ranch. What an awesome location! And...there were peacocks everywhere. It doesn't get much better than that!

Here are a few details from their day...

The room where the girls got ready was amazing. The wood beamed roof made for a perfect stage.

Jen was one of the most relaxed brides I think I've photographed! It was awesome. She was having so much fun just enjoying her wedding day. She beamed the entire time.

Jen's Aunt made the bouquets...she did a fantastic job. I just love gerbers!!

Holy Hotness Jen...back at work. If the heat didn't melt my camera...she did.

Her bridesmaids/man were awesome! They were all such a kick to hang out with. Aren't they cute? Eh hem...and handsome? ;)

Is the skull on this wall amazing or what?!?
Okay...but surely put it to shame. ;)

Let's here it for the boys...and girl! 
Amber was such a trouper...I can't believe she put up with those guys all day.  ;)  You've got a good friend there, Greg.

Okay, all wedding ceremonies are they look, what they mean...
but some just really get me.
I teared up at least a couple of times during this one.

One of my absolute FAVORITE recessional shots...ever!
They were sooooo excited!

Hip, hip, HOORAY!!

And then they got some alone time...with me of course...and my awesome crew. ha ha! Okay, so they weren't really alone, alone. ;)

One of my favorites...

Time to party!!

I loved the father/mother dances.
Jen's dad danced with her so tenderly...

And have you ever seen a mother more proud?

Greg started it..., he had to know he had it comin'!

Seems like a totally innocent bouquet toss, eh?

WRONG! It was one of the most sad and hilarious I've seen! See the little girl in the white dress?  
Yep, you guessed it.  
Totally smooshed under the dog pile.

The guys were a little less amusing...

And this is my awesome friend and talented videographer, Tom O'hara from Aqua Vivus Productions. (He's seriously should check him out.) He's also an amazing assistant. I was losing he graciously assisted me in holding the sun up a little longer. ;)
Told you he's awsome...ha!

Congratulations Greg and Jen! I had so much fun at your was such a blessing to capture your wedding day memories for you.
I hope you had a wonderful time in Seattle!