Friday, July 10, 2009

Eric & Aubrie are married! | San Diego Wedding Photographer

This wedding was particularly fun for me. I met Aubrie a few years ago when Aaron and I started attending Grace Church San Diego (formerly known as Scott Memorial). At the time we had decided to get involved with the youth there and Aubrie was one of the awesome leaders. She is so rad...I can't even tell you how rad she really is. You just have to go to Hume Lake with her some summer to get a glimpse for yourself.

Anyhow, when she saw what I did for a living...she was like, 'you have to photograph my wedding!'. She wasn't dating anyone at the time...but it felt good to know that she loved my work almost as much as I loved creating it! :)

Well, time passed and she started dating Eric.
They had fun together.
They got engaged.
The next week she asked me to photograph her wedding.

Some details from their day...

Her friend did the flowers...aren't they amazing? She has her own little business. I am trying to get her information...will post here later.

The beautiful bride.

The handsome groom.

Aubrie and Eric opted to see each other before the ceremony...which I love! We had such a great relaxing time taking portraits. We went to Heritage Park. I've been here in San Diego for a long time and I didn't even know this place existed! Such an awesome place!

Their first moments seeing each other...

The chapel at Grace San Diego.

Ah, yeah! Married!!!

Their reception was at Marina Village. I just love all of the boats.

Eric was super duper excited about being married!!!

Definitely one of my favorite shots from the night...
I got to play with some new fun!!! Makes the moment seem even MORE magical! were a beautiful bride. I feel so honored to have shared such a special day with you...and to have been the one to capture those moments for you, forever. I love you dearly! Congrats to you two!


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Little Joaquin | San Diego Newborn Photographer

So, Miss Jen and I were destined to be friends. God totally had a divine purpose for us meeting at Grace Church here in San Diego. Little did we know that approximately a year later, we'd be having little girls only days apart from each other that would actually turn out to be...well, twins.

It's amazing really.

It's amazing how God knows exactly what you need...before you even realize that you need it.

Well, I needed a friend like Jen...for more reasons than her rad ability to bargain shop and still look like a million bucks--seriously...she's incredible in this area!

I needed her shoulder to cry on...or sleep on...when Abbey would wake up 10 times in the middle of the night for 13 months in a row, and she needed my shoulder when Julia would cry inconsolably for 4 hours straight, or more, every stinkin' evening.

We'd have dinner dates and listen to the girls wail. We understood each other's dark circles and nonsensical talk. It was awesome.

Though I'm still recovering from Abbey's first year and a half of amazing friend Jen as regained her strength, gathered her courage, and has exhibited much bravery...

Meet Joaquin Daniel.

As you can see from the above image...she is also extremely talented in the 'interior' design department. Yes, that is Joaquin's room. So adorable!

Julia loves her little brother...

When she's not famished! :) ha ha!!!

I absolutely love this image of Jen and her little man...such a sweet moment. favorite from the day. How adorable is this little bundle???

Meeting Joaquin has made it not so scary of a thought to have maybe we'll try--

--in 9 years, instead of 10. ;)